ART PAPERS 09.04 - July/Aug 1985 - SOLD OUT

ART PAPERS 09.04 - July/Aug 1985 - SOLD OUT

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This second special Special Architectural Issue produced jointly with the Architecture Society of Atlanta represents the current work of various regional artists and architects constituting a strongly Provocational thrust in architectural writing and design.

Inside, Angel Medina describes the foundation and origination of the architectural schema, Barbara McKenzie examines the architecture of Howard Finster's Chapel, Anthony Ames, and Carol Rusche's essay that was originally presented as a lecture on architecture borrowing from modernism. 

Noteworthy reviews include Ke Francis' review of one of Steve Rucker's site-specific fire sculptures, Alan Sondheim's review of Charles Dennis and Eva Geueke's dance Faces in the Crowd, and Paul Krainak's review of Robert Stackhouse's Deep Swimmers.

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