ART PAPERS 09.06 - Nov/Dec 1985 - SOLD OUT

ART PAPERS 09.06 - Nov/Dec 1985 - SOLD OUT

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This issue is largely dedicated to black culture and the visual arts. It was 6 months in the making and has been thought about over a 2 year period. It began with our dismay over the minuscule coverage of the rich black culture that is especially evident in the region of Atlanta. We were also concerned about the lack of black contributors. Our task began with an idea that would initiate a dialogue which eventually would identify, encompass and integrate existing cultural trends which presently are, yet should not be, disparate. This issue is a start in a way that we try to establish a vocabulary to communicate, more specific, we begin to investigate the term Black Aesthetic. 

Features include Is There a Black Aesthetic? by Benny Andrews, To Be Or Not To Be: Whither the Black Artist in America by Lowery S. Sims, Cultural Pluralism: New Attitudes, New Initiatives, Facing the 21st Century by Edward S. Spriggs, Black Figures On White Ground: Re-reading 'Blackness' in the Amos 'n' Andy Controversy by Cheryl Chisholm and A Myth of Origins: Esu-Elgebara and the Signifying Monkey by Henry Louis Gates. 

Reviews include Dennis Croteau, Susan Lofting, Sim Sitton: A Retrospective and Francesco Clemente, among others.

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