ART PAPERS 44.01 - Summer 2020

ART PAPERS 44.01 - Summer 2020

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Summer 2020's theme, Living & Working, explores the current state of living and working in the arts, and the unfolding impacts of COVID-19 on those conditions. Artist-texts and interviews address new ways of being alone, being together, and being porous; while one Artist Project cautions, There Will Be Sacrifices Along The Way. An extensive research project tracks the recent wave of museum unionizations, and an essay speculates on the future of funding for arts institutions. The cover art is by photographer Lilly McElroy.


Summer 2020
44.01  Living & Working
Table of Contents

Editor’s Letter
Sarah Higgins 

Miriam Simun 

Living and Working in Other Worlds
Tal Beery

Language, Use, Value
Re'al Christian with Chang Yuchen

Thinking Through Contagion
Nathan Lee 

The Museum Union Wave
Maxwell Paparella

Absurdity Is a Protest
Joey Orr with Lilly McElroy

There Will Be Sacrifices Along The Way
Tori Tinsley

Madeleine Seidel
Zia Anger  

EC Flamming
Focus Group II 

Laurel McLaughlin
Fusebox Festival (online)

Katie Geha
Memory & Journal 1971