ART PAPERS 43.01 - Spring/Summer 2019

ART PAPERS 43.01 - Spring/Summer 2019

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"Energy Structures is the fourth and final issue in our “Art of the Built Environment” series. To consider energy structures is to acknowledge the enormous infrastructures that capture and distribute electrical energy as well as to measure the endurance and exhaustion of the human body. The history of civilization’s advancements can be told through the development of methods for extracting energy from natural resources. To meet the consumption requirements of the tools we build or to fuel the efforts of our own bodies—for better or worse—human endeavors always traffic in the exchange of energy."

— Editor + Artistic Director Sarah Higgins, "Letter from the Editor," ART PAPERS Spring/Summer 2019


Letter from the Editor
Sarah Higgins

A Brief History of Power
Stephanie Bailey

Poncili Creación Fight a More Beautiful Fight
Maxwell Paparella

The Energy Paradox
Jason Waite

Xandra Ibarra:
Endurance and Excess
Alexis Wilkinson

Chattahoochee Explorers Club
Mark Dion
Pam Longobardi
Mark McFalls

Tobias Wallisser:
Expo 2020, LAVA, and the Future
Caia Hagel

Artist Project
Daniel Rich

The Planets
K. Tauches


EC Flamming

The Nocilla Trilogy
Jasmine Amussen

Evening in Paradise and Welcome Home
Noah Rawlings

APEX: Avantika Bawa and Coliseum
Richard Speer

Give It or Leave It
Torey Akers


Pinetenna (n.)
Edward Austin Hall