ART PAPERS 42.01 - Spring 2018

ART PAPERS 42.01 - Spring 2018

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Letter From the Editor 

A look at two very different cities that share a common objective: to attract, sustain, and grow a flourishing arts ecosystem for the 21st century.

Decolonizing the Ethnographic Museum: Contemporary Art and the Weltmuseum Wien 
Christoph Chwatal 
Europe's museums turn to institutional rebrands and infusions of contemporary art to update their imperial-era collections — but are these efforts enough>

Viva Vienna 
Francesca Gavin 
Young gallerists inject Austria's primary city with cultural capital, fresh program strategies, and plenty of teamwork. 

Behind the Scenes  
Slight Agitation: Gelitin
In monument-rich Milan, a Vienna collective tears down—then rebuilds—the elements of classical architecture.  

Claire Dempster 
As the entertainment capital struggles to pioneer a new arts & culture landscape, the shape of the "future city" begins to take form — and it looks like a strip. 

Artist Project
Janna Ireland
Tracking the legacy of architect Paul R. Williams, a photographer finds Las Vegas' modernist sanctuaries. 

RFP: Architecture Is the Future of Las Vegas 
Danielle Rago and Honora Shea 
A call for a public building, designed to catalyze and commune with Culture. 

Artist Project
Fragments From Las Vegas 
Julieta Gil 
Images from 3D-captured data cross ancient Mayan artifacts with fragmented views of the antiquities' post-Columbian home: Las Vegas.

Huguette Caland: A Life Coming Into Focus 
Omar Kholeif 
Once known only to few for her erotic topographies and obsessive line, an unsung heroine of Arab modernism enters the canon. 

Fashion Project
Women's History Museum: The Dissection of OTMA's Body
Fashion week is dead. Long live these new looks, from a design collaborative that turned an NY art gallery into an immersive retail experience inspired by the last daughters of the Russian Empire.

Alice Bucknell 
Between reality and escapism, magic and engineering, there is Florida, where the swamp is an unlikely breeding ground for global cultural capital and investment. 

Artist Project 
Joel Gregory 
After #FOSTA and the Stop Enabling Sex Workers Act, an homage to the anonymous intimacy of America's most influential classifieds section. 

Daniel Fuller
Put this supercharged word in front of any form of cultural production — sculptural, musical, architectural, visual — and you'll emancipate your art from the heroes of the past.  


Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dhaka Art Summit 
Rattanamol Singh Johal 

Motoko Fukuyama
Virginia Overton 
David Matorin 

Nairobi, Kenya
I'm not who you think I am not #4: Chebomuren
Rose Jepkorir Kiptum

Paris, France
Harun Farocki
Anna Nelson-Daniel 

Beirut, Lebanon 
Raed Yassin
Reema Sahla Fadda 

Manchester, UK 
Raqs Media Collective
Pujan Gandhi 

Dublin, Ireland 
Andrei Molodkin
Philip Kavanagh 

San Francisco
Isaac JulienPlaytime  
Monica Westin  

Los Angeles
The Pain of Others  
Travis Diehl 

The US-Mexico Border 
Chelsea Weathers 

Making Africa
Amanda Hellman 

Designing Playful Cities 
EC Flamming