ART PAPERS 40.05 - Sept/Oct 2016

ART PAPERS 40.05 - Sept/Oct 2016

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Sport is an industry that, similar to the business of fashion, is propelled by aspiration--the aspiration of its leaders, its players, and its consumers. Goals, be they social or financial, personal or political, make people anxious, because it is in their nature that they might go unmet. Goals also make heros.



13 Ways of Looking at an Olympic Cauldron
Hannah Palmer
An oddity to many, a problem to some, and an icon to few:
Atlanta's Olympic Cauldron, (fondly) revisited.
with photographs by Johnathon Kelso

Interview: George Hirthler
The Look of the Games
Victoria Camblin
The writer behind successful Olympic bids for Atlanta, Beijing, and others considers the language, imagery, and ideals of the games.

The Alien Anxieties
of Tokyo's Olympic Architecture
Matthew Mullane
Designers and citizens respond to national unease as Japan prepares to host the 2020 Olympic Games.

What Art Criticism Can Learn
From Sports Writing
Rob Colvin
Sports coverage proposes a balm for overwrought critical prose, and sports psychology as a solution for painter's block.

Van Goals
Daniel Fuller
A curator ditches a rugby party for post-impressionist still lifes.

Andrew Kuo
An artist processes the enduring impact and evolving mediatized identity of the NBA's Jeremy Lin—in sports culture, and in his own artistic practice.

Irony & Loss
Interview: Ian Bogost
Paul Boshears
An award-winning game designer and philosopher talks Pokémon GO, object-oriented ontology, addiction— and, most importantly, "stuff."
with photographs by Brandon English

A Jerk's Dorky Bitch
Jeremy Sigler
An artist processes the enduring impact and evolving In HBO's sadistic minor league baseball comedy Eastbound & Down, Stevie is the no. 1 fan of the worse person ever.

Glossary: Muhammad Ali
Dapper Bruce LaFitte (formerly Bruce Davenport Jr.)


I Love Dick
Shumon Basar

I Love Dick
Katie Geha

Calvert 22
Chris Fite-Wassilak

The Empire Remains Shop
Caia Hagel

Vincent Fecteau
Emily B. Watlington

Tony Oursler: Imponderable New York
Tony Oursler: The Imponderable Archive
Marcus Civin

Hackers on Planet Earth Conference
Will Corwin and Tommy Mintz

Made in L.A.
Travis Diehl

Portland Biennial
William J. Simmons

The Rise of Sneaker Culture
Bruce Lampros