ART PAPERS 40.04 - July/Aug 2016

ART PAPERS 40.04 - July/Aug 2016

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The dangerous pandemics of racism and gun violence are matters of public health. Where do the arts and artists fit into the conversation?


The Way of Looking
Samantha Gregg
Bauhaus-trained architect Marcel Breuer designed civic and cultural buildings with an eye for function and form; now, Atlanta faces a moment of blindness toward his final work.

The Principles of Participatory Art:
What Artists Can Learn From Bioethics
Alexander Robins
Artists using other humans in their work may require examination, monitoring, and a philosophical prescription.

Contagions (spatial, imaginary)
Alan Sondheim
In a visual and verbal essay, an artist narrates his work on human vitality at the edge of the virtual world.

Correspondence: La Cura
Salvatore Iaconesi
An artist/technologist used the Internet to crowd-source the treatment for his own cancer; here, in an email, he considers its emotional—and communal—side effects.

The Spiritual and Commercial Language of PrEP
Matthew Terrell
A new preventive medicine changes the say we communicate about sex, safety, and disease—with both positive and negative results.

Michael Rakowitz:
A Desert Home Companion
Lilly Lampe
In an effort to suture the communicative divide between Middle Eastern and American cultures, an artist nourishes discourse through the palate, and the tongue.

We Ride the MARTA Bus
Ruth Dusseault
If highways and thoroughfares are Atlanta's arteries, its bus stops are its pulse sites—places at which human life most authentically inhabits a city on the move.

Utopia Today
Timothy P.A. Cooper
The 500th anniversary of Thomas More's Utopia leads London to try mapping the theoretical "nonplace" in history, and in real, urban space.

Glossary: Anxiety
Kimberly Drew
On fear, inhibition, and "freedom"

9th Berlin Biennale: The Present in Drag
Courtney Malick

Fashion Utopias
Caia Hagel

Martha Rosler: Housing Is a Human Right
Susan Noyes Platt
Wendy Koenig

False Flags
Dorota Biczel

Shattering the Concrete
Noah Simblist

Jiha Moon: Blue Yolo, Yellow Chrysanthemum
Dinah Ryan

Mystery and Benevolence
Elizabeth Grant

It Can Howl
Erin Jane Nelson

Chloé Elizabeth Maratta: Wasteland
Evan Hyde