ART PAPERS 40.02 - Mar/Apr 2016

ART PAPERS 40.02 - Mar/Apr 2016

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Frequent movement certainly increases the likelihood of collision...but it also maximizes one’s responsiveness and agility. This issue began as a consideration of human movement as such, embodied through voluntary or involuntary displacement, or the condition of having fallen out of one’s boat.


Chris Kraus
Katie Geha
An interview with the Los Angeles-based filmmaker and writer on reportage, R.B. Kitaj, and political assemblage

Give Me the Colors ... and the Country:
Albanian Propaganda in the 21st Century
Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei
On the troubling alliance between a mayor-turned- prime minister in Tirana, the artist-godfathers of relational aesthetics, and the greatest spin doctors in European politics

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
Victoria Camblin
In Moscow's Gorky Park, a museum provides infrastructure for national social change; here, its director Anton Belov and chief curator Kate Fowle discuss programming for accessibility and integrity

L'âme voyageuse: Agathe Snow
Caia Hagel
Three new projects (by one New York artist) consider the poetry of moving in, and moving together

Image Search: Crisis, Redistributed
Cat Dawson
What did displacement look like in 2015? Visual historical comparisons highlight an absence—or an impossibility—of representation, despite a surplus of attempts

Ignacio Gonzalez-Lang
An artist's textile collaborations with undocumented artisans unravel the cloaks of American nationalism

Soft Mobility
Kari Altmann
Movement, currency, and flexibility, transparency, energy, and trade: all find conduits in the objects we wear, touch, and "swipe"

Capacious Tapes
Timothy P.A. Cooper
The perfect container for popular, secular, religious, and underground cultural archives—and DIY cultural production and distribution—the audiocassette is still the medium of record in Afghanistan (and should be, everywhere)

Radio Somebodies
Meredith Kooi
Narrowcast transmission projects create new bandwidths for experimentation and communication—and catalyze "IRL" communities, all over the world


Milo van der Maaden
Lizzie Homersham

Refugee Theaters
Myrta Köhler

Addis Video Art Festival
Will Corwin

Chasing Justice
Anthony Torres
Jennie C. Jones
Kelly Johnson

Peter Wächtler
Lee Ann Norman

Jacqueline Humphries
Eric Bookhardt

Nir Evron
Noah Simblist

Emily Watlington

Glossary: Clarkston
Just outside Atlanta, one of America's most diverse refugee destinations