ART PAPERS 39.05 - Sept/Oct 2015

ART PAPERS 39.05 - Sept/Oct 2015

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Fashion, liberally understood, thus has a desirable ability to reveal, despite its ostensible function to cover. Often it does this so much more coherently than art does that fashion has to show up in Artforum or pull an artist onto the runway every once in awhile, just to give everyone a reality check. This issue attempts to provide precisely that insurance, by turning toward artists who put fashion in the service of inquiry, without compromising either.  --Victoria Camblin, excerpt, Letter from the Editor


Idle Weeds are Fast in Growth
Roe Ethridge and Victoria Camblin
A photographer and an editor compare their practices to weeding; new photographs remind us to look down.

YaloRun Textile Supply Workshop
Susan Cianciolo and Coulter Fussell
A Brooklyn artist and a Southern waitress-turned-quilter collaborate in Mississippi.

Rallou Panagiotou:
Modernism on the Shore
A tragedy, and a post-mortem
Stephanie Bailey
A Greek artist's practice treats liquids as solids, and materials as ideas.

Concrete Utopia
Caia Hagel
Harald Gründl, co-curator of the 2015 Vienna Biennale's 2051: Smart Life in the City, explains an ambition to redefine citizenship through design.

All-Star Cast
Centre For Style
A contemporary fashion exhibition space, store, and publication based in Melbourne expands the field of art-makingÑthis time, with an advertorial.

The Painting of the van Veldes,
or the World and the Trouser
Jonathan Bouknight (photography & styling)
John Swisher (text)
An artist explores the form of the fashion editorial, divested of its bling; an "uncut" Samuel Beckett essay, translated from the French, surveys the fabric of art criticism.

ART PAPERS: Scenes Deferred
Dirty (South) Dancing
Daniel Fuller
Nexus Contemporary Art Center had a "new building" gala; a critic reports.

Mad Max: Fury Road
George Miller, Warner Bros. Pictures
Nathan Lee

Maggie Nelson: The Argonauts
Graywolf Press
Katie Geha

Chika Okeke-Agulu: Postcolonial Modernism
Art and Decolonization in Twentieth-Century Nigeria
Duke University Press
Carol Thompson

Norman J. Girardot: Envisioning Howard Finster
The Religion and Art of a Stranger from Another World
University of California Press
Jerry Cullum

Larry Jens Anderson
at Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Atlanta
Sally Hansell

Sprawl! Drawing Outside the Lines
at High Museum of Art, Atlanta
Dan Weiskopf

The Second Lowennial
at The Low Museum of Contemporary Culture, Atlanta
Raven Schley

Tamara Henderson + Julia Feyrer: Consider the Belvedere
at Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia
Edward Epstein

GlassBook Project: Provisions
at The Gateway Project, Newark, NJ
Cat Dawson

Noah Purifoy: Junk Dada
at Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Wendy Koenig

The Welfare State
at Museum of Modern Art, Antwerp, Belgium
Stephanie Bailey

:mentalKLINIK: 83% SatisfactionGuaranteed
at Louise Alexander Gallery, Porto Cervo, Italy
Caia Hagel