ART PAPERS 39.04 - July/Aug 2015

ART PAPERS 39.04 - July/Aug 2015

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When we discuss our professional paths we often use architectural, not medical, metaphor, and we’re particularly attached to the structural element of the door. We want to get our foot in it, and keep it ajar; if it closes, we reassure ourselves that another one will open as a result. If the household door is a basic means of access, then a gateway is a grand one, a point of entry for real progress--sometimes, toward extremes. When a “gateway” appears in literature it is a landmark,too, traditionally denoting a passage from one phase of life to the next--often, death, and its associated ascent or descent into the afterlife. Whether we can “go back” or not, presented in this July/August issue are reflections upon the architecture of the various doors one might encounter on a creative path. Perhaps they will inform an artist’s decision when it comes to which ones to open. --Victoria Camblin, excerpt, Letter from the Editor


It’s Only the Beginning
Daniel Fuller
A curator enters the artist book archives of Atlanta’s Nexus Press, encounters his preadolescent, sports-obsessed self amidst its treasures.

Dead Ends
Chris Fite-Wassilak
Atlanta's Great Southwest Industrial Park was once home to masterpieces of American mid century minimalism; now the site is overgrown and semi-disused, and we can't find the Donald Judd.  

Raphael Koenig
An interview introduces Katherine Jentleson, scholar and curator of folk art, now at the High Museum of Art.

To Demonstrate Something About the World:
Marc Fischer's Public Collectors
Niels Van Tomme
An artist conserves, curates, and circulates ephemeral collections of questionable material value, and infinite cultural value.

Art / AIDS / America?
Jason Foumberg
An exhibition highlighting artists' responses to AIDS in America aims to bring a crisis that has migrated "over there" back into view "over here," say curators Rock Hushka and Jonathan D. Katz.

A Body of Work
William Gass
A critic leaves the art world for nursing school.

Make It Big and Flat
Jonas Lund
An artist's investigation of industry success comes complete with a handy "how-to."


The Pavilions of India and Pakistan
at the 56th Venice Biennale (Venice, Italy)
Timothy Cooper

at Studio X, Mumbai, India
Roshan Kumar Mogali

Michael Beutler: Moby Dick
at Hamburger Bahnhof-Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin
Myrta Köhler

Lindsay Lawson: The Inner Lives of Objects
at Gillmeier Rech, Berlin
Tess Edmonson

The City Lost and Found
at Princeton University Art Museum
Marcus Civin

Faycal Baghriche: What Looks Back at Us
at Taymour Grahne Gallery, New York, NY
Sandra Skurvida

Ian Wallace: Meta Masculin/Féminin
at Jessica Silverman Gallery, San Francisco
Monica Westin

Jered Sprecher: The Hollow That Echoes
at Gallery Protocol, Gainesville, FL
Maggie Davis

Triple Play
at Marcia Wood Gallery Castleberry, Atlanta
Maggie Davis

Chris Salter, Alien Agency:
Experimental Encounters with Art in the Making
from MIT Press
Dan Weiskopf

Tod(d), or German for "Death"
Tod Wodicka
An abominable first name, explained.