ART PAPERS 39.01 - Jan/Feb 2015

ART PAPERS 39.01 - Jan/Feb 2015

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This issue is about space and place, and various attempts to engage or overcome them. Our networks today, far from evenly distributed, are by turns empowering, exploitative, galvanizing for activism, surveillant, and emotionally exhausting, as we project joy, empathy, or moral outrage to ever more places from afar. What are the infrastructures on which we rely, and who are their architects, figuratives and literal? As a magazine based in the South with a global reach, ART PAPERS has long asked these kinds of questions. And the logics of design and architecture can venture answers, making these structures visible or building them anew.

David Reinfurt (O-R-G)
What does it mean to make an artist's multiple now? A software commission.

Logistics Makes the World
Jesse LeCavalier
Synchronizing the world of commerce means attempting to overcome time and space. A study of logistics with a photo essay on UPS.

Losing Interest
Shumon Basar
A letter in response to a request to write about architecture.

TV University, ca. 1964
John Harwood
Sol Cornberg, a forgotten architect of media, harnessed telepresence— first in the name of commerce, then in the name of the Enlightenment.

Typographic Fictions
Erik Brandt
Brandt's Minneapolis garage has become a global platform for experimental graphic design.

Open Architecture in Berlin-Kreuzberg
Esra Akcan
A public housing exhibition in 1980s Berlin stands out not just for its famous architectural cast, but for inviting future residents into the design process.

On Vernacular Computing
Jacob Gaboury
A manifesto confronts the ways we actually use technology.

Total Reset
Karen Kubey
Ideas for affordable housing from the Institute for Public Architecture.

Strange Shapes
One person one vote—sort of. A design commission considers the geometry of gerrymandering.

The Knoll Transcripts
Margot Weller
Previously unpublished interviews with Knoll designers revise the story of midcentury modernism.

Concept Models
Allied Works Architecture
Beyond site or program, these models focus the minds of designers and communicate viscerally with clients.

Reviews: Books

Extrastatecraft: The Power of Infrastructure Space
by Keller Easterling
Carson Chan

Bauhaus Weaving Theory:
From Feminine Craft to Mode of Design
by T'ai Smith
Rachel Silveri

Photographic Architecture in the Twentieth Century
by Claire Zimmerman
Esther Choi

Reviews: Exhibitions

Amie Siegel: Provenance
at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Rattanamol Singh Johal

Fin de Siècle
at the Swiss Institute, New York
Gregor Quack

Beyond the Supersquare
at the Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York
Elis Mendoza

The Space Between
at One Athens, Athens, Greece
Stephanie Bailey

Design and Violence and Disobedient Objects
at MoMA and the V&A, New York and London
Emily King

Glossary: Curate
Barry Bergdoll
A re-definition releases some hot air from the cult of the curator.