ART PAPERS 38.06 - Nov/Dec 2014

ART PAPERS 38.06 - Nov/Dec 2014

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Magazines make exhibitions. What is compelling about this model is that it is, like this November/ December issue, about coming together: magazines unite people on a masthead and connect audiences through discourse; exhibitions get everyone in a room together with drinks at hand. --Victoria Camblin, excerpt, Letter from the Editor


Food and Art: Better Together?
Fanny Singer sheds historical light on contemporary art practices using food sourcing, making, and eating as platforms for social engagement.

Augmented Reality Revolution
Céline Browning introduces a wave of artists using smart phone apps to reclaim public spaces of protest.

Acquiring Modernity
The collaboratively curated Pavilion of Kuwait will have an impact that far outlasts the Venice Biennale for which it was conceived, writes Desi Gonzalez.

Ruth Dusseault expands her study of the lives and networks of young people using downloadable information to live in off the grid communities.

Amanda Sharp
The Frieze co-founder takes us from the birth of an art magazine to the establishment of the world's most innovative art fairs.


Phong Bui
Will Corwin traces the past, present, and future of The Brooklyn Rail through the eyes of its publisher and editor-in-chief.


The "We" of "I"
Entrepreneur Martine Rothblatt reveals her transcendent reality and everlasting ambition.

Fresh Direct
As Body by Body, artists Melissa Sachs and Cameron Soren deny the world outside of their apartment.

Artists review new works of poetry in the first edition of this new fifteen dollar zine, based in Brooklyn.


Chargeurism – Mermaids
Omar Kholeif defines a range of terms for post-digital physical and intellectual engagement.

San Francisco artist and DJ Primo Pitino's "sensual cat art" migrates off the dance party poster.  

Food Magazines (International); Geta Bratescu/MARTIX 254 (Berkeley, CA); Xanti Schawinsky (New York); NOW-ism: Abstraction Today (Columbus, OH); State of the Art (Bentonville, AR); Sophia Al-Maria (Manchester, UK); 10 (Berlin)