ART PAPERS 38.05 - Sept/Oct 2014

ART PAPERS 38.05 - Sept/Oct 2014

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This fall at ART PAPERS, we find ourselves to be exploring inner experience and interconnectivity. There is an unusual density of interviews and diaristic content in the pages that follow, these personal formats being particularly suited to the intimacy of the subject matter.Oblivious to boundaries, new or alternative means of communication--including zines and graphic novels, antifunctional web sites, eblast, discursive performance and even interpretative readings of cosmic phenomena--are intuitive but effective.--Victoria Camblin, excerpt, Letter from the Editor

The Zombies Are Real
Kojo Griffin has a theory about the undead, the art world, and you.
Atlanta's White Walkers #SnowJam2014
Paul Boshears applies the zombie metaphor to an enduring urban racial divide.

Joyce Pensato
Will Corwin "hangs out" with the many and varied inhabitants of Joyceland.

Everything Is Intertwined
We're still learning from author, editor, and artist Jay Kinney's Gnosis: A Journal of Western Inner Traditions (1985–1999).

Institutional Astrology
Karen Tauches reads the natal charts of five American arts institutions, all in periods of change.

Defining Provincialism, the Primal Scene
Terry Smith reminds us that provincialism is still a problematic, 40 years after he first addressed it in Artforum magazine.

Aquarium Proletarium
Head Gallery's latest press release mortifies the art world lexicon, and redefines the "exhibition" and the "opening."

History of the Paranormal in Kinderhook, NY
Stills from the trailer for Bruce G. Hallenbeck's unfinished film Cannibal Church (1983) preface an upcoming commission by Christopher Kline.

Notes for Now
Franklin Sirmans walks Rebecca Dimling Cochran through the history and geography of this year's Prospect New Orleans.

Chicago Gothic
Jason Foumberg presents new and archival materials that speak to the sustained relevance of the Hairy Who and the Chicago imagists.

Stills from Jeremy Shaw's latest video explore alterity and altered states, faith and future man.

Roving Room (Demorest, GA); Colliding Worlds (Book); Ryan Gander (Manchester, UK); Josh Mannis (Los Angeles); Margo Sawyer (Austin, TX); Lygia Clark (New York); Liverpool Biennial + Generation: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland (UK); Berlin Biennale + Manifesta (Germany + Russia); The Esoteric Secrets of Surrealism (Book)

Duane Michals' Human Condition
Stephanie Bailey pays homage to a photographer who refused the limits of his medium, and those of the physical world.