ART PAPERS 38.04 - July/Aug 2014

ART PAPERS 38.04 - July/Aug 2014

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The participatory spirit inhere to arts community driven efforts pervades a number of the commissions in this July/August issue. This summer, ART PAPERS, investigates the means through which artists acquire agency, with an emphasis on identity and education.--Victoria Camblin, excerpt, Letter from the Editor

Art Education Reaches an Apex
in the American South
As Emory University closes its fine art department, Lilly Lampe asks what it says about the system.

The Data Self
Dan Weiskopf examines the portraiture of the digital age, then speaks to Rob Horning about social media and subjectivity.

Bruce Mau Commencement Address
Gerald FitzGerald interviews RISD's 2014 graduation speaker, who told students to "work on what [they] love."

An Informal Survey of Post-Graduate Visual Arts Programs
Kari Rittenbach asks about professional development.

Process Processes
As My Holy Nacho, Jamie Allen and Bernhard Garnicnig visualize data relative to the creation of artworks.

Showing and Sharing in Philadelphia
Local magazines are shaping the arts through public programming; Becky Huff Hunter reports.

New British Ceramics
Fanny Singer addresses the recent past and near future of ceramics in the UK, and speaks to Aaron Angell and Jesse Wine, two artists working with clay.

Artist Statement, 9.7, and Sixty Five Percent of What I Throw Away Is Compost
Three poems by Elaine Kahn.

Shanzhai Biennial No. 3
New experiments in the art of branding are coming soon.

Proust's Mirror
Jordan Silver and Jakob Haglof illustrate the creative condition, daily.

Social Capital
Martin G. Fuller is "kind of friendly with" the ART PAPERS editorial team.

Donelle Woolford (US Tour); Institutional Time (Book); Sae A Lee (Staunton, VA); Jerstin Crosby (Raleigh, NC); Jake and Dinos Chapman (Montreal); Before Our Eyes (Barcelona); A Thousand Doors (Athens, Greece); Instructions for an Ordinary Utopia (Frome, UK)