ART PAPERS 37.05 - Sept/Oct 2013

ART PAPERS 37.05 - Sept/Oct 2013

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“I bought the theatre ticket, was not given it -- and that I have tormented myself for two days with the idea of going to the theatre, of watching a theatrical performance, actors and behind all these actors to scent a miserable and stinking director (Mr. T.H!) and so on...but, above all, that I had changed for the theatre.” - Thomas Bernhard, Is it a Comedy? Is it a Tragedy?


No One Is Less Dead than Franz - Gelitin and Sarah Lucas
in conversation with Kathy Noble
Kathy Noble acts as ringmaster for a zany and touching discussion about the influence of Franz West on the lives of Sarah Lucas and the artist collective Gelitin: the artists discuss alignments between their practices and the late Austrian artist, collaborations they undertook with him, and the Lucas/Gelitin collaboration at the Kunsthalle Krems in 2011.

Farming in Europe: Four Character Studies
- Calla Henkel, Pablo Larios, Max Pitegoff and Dena Yago
Calla Henkel, Pablo Larios Max Pitegoff, and Dena Yago devise four character sketches for the debut play at New Theater, a Berlin theater space run by artists Henkel and Pitegoff that opens this fall: a story revolving around a failing restaurant, the figures who surround it, and their oblique acts of self-representation.

Victory Against Time: Demonstrative Urgency of Performance in the State of Resistance
- Sandra Skurvida
Sandra Skurvida weaves a shimmering and lyrical portrait of performance and video practices in Iran and the wider Middle East, questioning the postion of artists and their work in a social framework where cultural institutions are perceived as, and probably are, instruments of repression and control.

Six short plays about art and performance
- Tim Etchells
Artist and writer Tim Etchells shares six new dialogues involving performance makers and podiums, invigilators and low budgets, things that disappear, the concrete floor, a Korean karaoke machine, and artists who would like to make a performance.

A Theatrical Swirl
Monika Lipchitz
Curator Monika Lipchitz spins the tale of an onstage exhibition, featuring trips to a Baltic supermarket, a stage light, her uncle and a fall from a Lithuanian proscenium.

18 down, 17 up: a pause with Maria Hassabi
Chris Fitzpatrick
Chris Fitzpatrick speaks with Maria Hassabi on a vaporetto about her Venice Biennale performance Intermission and intermissions- ending up two and a half hours away, thirty minutes later.

Body Sketches for a Universal Stage
Jennifer Teets
Virtual spirals, useful faking, and head-body banging are just a few of the metafictional conceits explored by curator and writer Jennifer Teets in a text that scrolls through recent performances by Darius Miksys, Ieva Miseviciute, Bouchra Ouizguen, and the farther reaches of the internet.

Artist Projects
KroOt Juurak
Tyler Coburn
Sarah Lucas


Santiago Sierra - Raimar Stange
Allen Ruppersberg - Chris Sharp
Oscar Tuazon - John Beeson
Elemental - Lars- Erik Hjertstrom Lappalainen
Jogging -  A.E Benenson
Korakrit Arunanondchai - Post Brothers
Li Ran - Venus Lau
Kristine Kemp - Laura McLean-Ferris
Richard Hawkins - Andrew Berardini
Math Bass & Leidy Churchman - Olivian Cha
Channa Horwitz - Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer
Jose Leon Cerrillo - Gabriela Jauregui
Mike Kelley - Filipa Ramos
Jack Goldstein - Jon Bywater
Substance - Sabrina Tarasoff
Jesper Just - Gitanjali Dang
SubTehran - Vakhtang Urushadze
oO - Fatos Ustek