ART PAPERS 37.04 - July/Aug 2013

ART PAPERS 37.04 - July/Aug 2013

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We decide to call the issue Suddenly, Last Summer after the title of the cover art by Jody Fausett  - an emoji plot summary of the movie by the same name. Jody has painstakingly recreated each of these emoji from real life subjects to layer a material, tangible process onto a digital one. This desire to reinsert the physical, the body back in into the virtual is an emergent theme in our issue. --MALONE, excerpt, Letter from the Editors


Letter from the Guest Editors
Art After Social Media
Brad Troemel
Artist and writer Brad Troemel explores the decentralization of art’s hierarchies and ponders a new era of “artists without art.”

Artist Project: Office Nostalgia by Andreas Ervik
Andreas Ervik
Andreas Ervik presents a series of altered images where new age desire overlays corporate culture.

So Old It’s New: Painting in the Information Age
David Everitt Howe
David Everitt Howe discusses contemporary painters whose practice addresses the social networks and institutional supports that make the production and circulation of their work possible.

A conversation between artists Alex Da Corte and Artie Vierkant.

Artist Project:
Modeling Portfolio by Jill Pangallo
Jill Pangallo “had some work done,” and she’s showing it off in her latest series of self portraits.

Whatever Bodies, Races, and Things
Em Rooney
Em Rooney digs deep into the uncanny valley, uncovering the dirty secrets of the YouTube duo 18+.

Skying with Coffee and Cats: Interview with Amy and Wendy Yao
Curator Rachel Reese chats with sisters Amy and Wendy Yao about DIY culture past and present, their all teen-girl punk band, and how the Internet changed everything.

Delinquent Bodies
Jesse Darling
Artist Jesse Darling introduces a curated series of performances for GIF on”Laboring bodies in the spectral ether: from body to bo and back, and again, and again, and again, and forever and ever, whatever, amen.”

In this series of one-page artist projects, a graphic designer, a furniture designer, a dancer, and a performance artist were commissioned to create advertisements to promote their own work.
-Keri Bonk
-HOw to Make Modern Dance
-Justin Vivian Bond

The editors’ pick of notable shows
Aubrey Longely-Cook, Andrew Alexander
Conor Backman, Erin Devine
Ai Weiwei, Claudine Ise
Made in Space, Jen Hutton
Moving the Still, Luke Baker
New Pictures of Common Objects, Jennifer Piejko
Sebastian Black and Robin Cameron, Christopher Howard
White Petals Surround Your Yellow Heart, Carmen Winant