ART PAPERS 37.03 - May/June 2013

ART PAPERS 37.03 - May/June 2013

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This, the fourth in a series of guest-edited issues of ART PAPERS, touches on a multitude of spatial concepts and considerations in contemporary art, with the intention of embracing the fervent energy and forward thinking present in the work of Ana Mendieta. --Erin Dziedzic, excerpt, Letter from the  Guest Editor


Letter from the Guest Editor
Mike Kelley’s Mobile Homestead:
A Re-Envisioning of Space in Public Sculpture
Rana Edgar
Rana Edgar introduces the highly anticipated first permanent public sculpture and final project of Mike Kelley, and its pivotal importance as a public endeavor in the context of his otherwise conceptually private oeuvre.

A discussion on “regionalism” with Stuart Horodner, Sandra Jackson-Durmon, and Dominic Molon
Isolde Brielmaier
Isolde Brielmaier guides a lively discussion with US institution leaders on the topic of “regionalism” and the varying perceptions of its use in the art world.

Artist Project:
Xaviera Simmons
In her multidisciplinary practice involving archival research and mining collections, Xaviera Simmons reconfigures historical content to open up spaces for exploring the performative in the political.

The Complex Geographies of Shirin Neshat
John J. Corso
John J. Corso looks to David Harvey’s aspects of geographic space to explore place, space and environment in the individual works of the Iranian American artist and in context at the Detroit Institute of Arts retrospective.

The “Fairennial” Shift: Art Fairs, Biennials, and the Great Exhibition(s)
Stephanie Bailey
Stephanie Bailey addresses shifts between the art fair and the art biennial in shaping a global context mediated by concept and economy.

Artist Project:
Adam Cvijanovic
Adam Cvijanovic’s site-specific installations and immersive painted environments explore the space beyond the walled structures in which they reside, and provide multiple perspectives on aspects of the painted two-dimensional surface.

Because the Night:
Curating One-Off Nocturnal Events
Helena Reckitt
Flux Project’s Flux Night 2013 curator Helena Reckitt surveys the recent history of international one-night art events and discusses the curatorial, artistic, and audience-driven energy involved in these brief experiences.

Theaster Gates and Hesse McGraw in conversation
Artist and curator discuss realizing projects in unexpected places, and the surprise results of these contemporary investigations.

Palace of Propositions:
Massimilano Gioni’s The Encyclopedic Palace at the 55th Venice Biennale
Belinda Grace Gardner

The editor’s pick of notable shows
Oh, Canada, Leonie Bradbury
THomas Lanigan-Schmidt, Steve Locke

Future Anterior:
An index to contemporary culture’s imminent history
gloATL, Dinah McClintock
Jessica Rankin, Andrew Alexander
Lisa Sigal, Gregory Eltringham
Summer Wheat, Denise Stewart-Sanabria
Detouched, John Gayer
Matt Calderwood
David Jablonowski, Becky HUff Hunter
Ryan Travis CHristian, Lilly Lampe
Mariah Garnett, Emma Tramposch
Jack WHitten / ANgel Otero, Kalin ALlen
Abbas Akhavan, Amy Fung