ART PAPERS 37.02 - Architecture + Design Issue

ART PAPERS 37.02 - Architecture + Design Issue

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Design and the built environment provide the context for our experience, a framework for memory, and a way to envision the future. This issue of ART PAPERS casts a loose and wide net around the expansive theme in order to consider the vital engagement between art-making and design practices.  --Susan Morgan, excerpt, Letter from Guest Editor


Artist Project:
… And Now We Plan
In 1939, a group of young architects, urban planners, and thinkers started Telesis—taking their name from the Greek word for “progress intelligently planned.” Susan Morgan and doreen Morrissey look back at Telesis and explore the vital intersection of art, design, and activism.

Transformational Intent:
The East River Blueway
Atlanta-based urban planner Ryan Gravel talks to Claire Weisz, a founding partner of WXY Architecture + Urban Design in New York, and a wonderfully new and viable infrastructure for the 21st-century city comes clearly into view.

I Have Seen the Future:
Norman Bel Geddes
Designs America
Back to the future: art historian Sandra Zalman reports from Austin, Texas, where a major retrospective spotlights the work of Norman Bel Geddes (1893-1958), one of America’s most influential industrial designs.

A Concept for Future Development:
Sugar Hill Arts District Minority Report
A tale of eutopia: art historian John J. Corso recognizes urban planners as fortunetellers when architect Marshall Brown invents a new narrative for Detroit.

John Latham’s
Flat Time House
Artist Will Corwin visits the studio home of John Latham (1921-2006), a once ordinary London residence transformed into a living sculpture teeming with ideas.

Louis I. Kahn at Roosevelt Island
In his attentive reading of Building, curator Joel Smith appreciates Barney Kulok’s black-and-white images as both visual meditation and an evocative tribute to Kahn.

Greta Magnusson Grossman:
Walking Away
A Car and Some Shorts, a Greta Magnusson Grossman retrospective, introduces writer Arianna Schioldager to the Swedish-born designer’s wit, sophistication, and ineffable mystery.

Multicolored Oobleck:
Ken Price Sculpture
Ken Price Sculpture, a retrospective at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, expertly mixes scholarship and joyful celebration. Artist Karin Lanzoni considers Price’s astonishing work and his mutually inspiring friendship with architect Frank Gehry.

White cube,
Green Maze:
New Art Landscapes
When Co-Curator Raymund Ryan examines the museum as a vibrant site, a place where culture, nature, and experience commingle, architect Paul Rosenblatt welcomes a chance to just get lost.

Artist Project:
Architecture and Its Discontents
Recent paintings by New York-based artist Shirley Irons.

Future Anterior:
An index to contemporary culture’s imminent history
Saran Oppenheimer
Cara Ober

Richard pare
Wendy Koenig

Building: Inside Studio Gang Architects
Debra Riley Parr

Green Acres: Artists Farming Fields, Greenhouses and Abandoned Lots
Jennie Klein

Robert Ladislas Derr
Columbus, OH
Jennie Klein

Contours of the Common
Joanne Laws

Eero Saarinen
Los Angeles
Reba Saxon

California’s Designing Women, 1896-1986
Los Angeles
Reba Saxon

Santiago Borja, Edgar Orlaineta + Tilman Wendland
Los Angeles
Travis Diehl

Jennifer Bolande
Los Angeles
Travis Diehl

Lucy + Jorge Orta
Medford, MA
Martina Tanga

The Bernadette Corporation
New York
Berin Golonu

Sharon Lockhart / Noa Eshkol
New York
Naomi Fry

Monika Sosnowska
New York
Christopher Howard

The World of D.D. and Leslie Tillett
New York
Josh Blackwell

Imperfect Health
Becky Huff Hunter

Field Conditions
San Francisco
Lamar Anderson

Anne Hardy
Vienna, Austria
Myrta Kohler

Maynard L. Parker: Modern Photography and the American Dream
Betsy Lin Seder