ART PAPERS 37.01 - Jan/Feb 2013

ART PAPERS 37.01 - Jan/Feb 2013

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 Temporality should be understood here as the manifold complexities relating to the experience of time, and in particular the ways in which such experiences resonates and changes in diverse artistic practices, geographies, and sociopolitical contexts. --Niels Van Tomme, excerpt, Guest Editor


Does Anybody
Really Know
What Time It Is?
Gregory Zinman critically considers Christian Marclay’s The Clock, situating it in a broader art historical context.

It’s About Time
Curatorial office Rivet offers an exercise in simultaneity, dialoguing between São Paulo, Quito, New York, and Paris.

Nostalgic Pasts and Utopian futures in Yael Bartana’s
...and Europe will be Stunned
Laliv Melamed looks at the Israeli artist’s controversial trilogy of works depicting the imagined Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland.

Artist Project
Raqs Media Collective:
How to Seize It?
The New Dehli-based Raqs Media Collective’s multidisciplinary practice is located at the intersections of contemporary art, historical inquiry, philosophical speculation, research, and theory.

African Art
In Time
Karen E. Milbourne addresses time as a concept, method, and practice in African contemporary art, exploring the work of British-born nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare.

On being
contemporary —
re-activating the present
Nat Muller in conversation with Lebanese artists Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige and the ways in which they defy notions of nostalgia while investigating the present moment.

Cyclical Time:
the Trap
Gridthiya Gaweewong explores the Buddhist notion of cyclical time in the framework of diverging artistic practice in Thailand.

On temporality, lost future &
static journeys in the works
of David Maljković.
Jelena Vesić finds in the work of Croatian artist David Maljković new possibilities for altering the present reality.

Artist Project
Société Réaliste:
New Alphabetical Order
The French-Hungarian cooperative Société Réaliste works with political design, experimental economy, territorial ergonomy, and social engineering consulting.

The Politics of Making
Uncanny: Two Experimental
Films from India
Debashree Mukherjee discusses two films that engage with a familiar recent past, posing provocative questions about time and representation.

Future Perfect:
Artist-Run Spaces in
New Orleans
Amy Mackie surveys the brief history of three artist-run spaces and the challenges they face confronting New Orleans’ endless historicity.

Gambian Mean Time (GMT):
It irks, but it
works all the same
Hassoum Ceesay reflects on the Gambian society’s view on time, defined as the moment when it is most appropriate to start.

Future Anterior:
An index to contemporary culture’s imminent history
Alexander Brodsky
Solo Exhibition
Sophie Arkette

The Clock: or, 89 Minutes of “Free Time”
Film Screening
Sonja Simonyi

Dying for Time: Proust, Woolf, Nabokov by Martin Hägglund
David Markus

BUSY. Exhausted Self / Unlimited Ability
Group Exhibition
Myrta Köhler

Nicolas Rey’s anders, Molussien
Rachael Rakes

The Nightclub
Exhibition Series
Catherine A. Hollingsworth