ART PAPERS 36.06 - Nov/Dec 2012

ART PAPERS 36.06 - Nov/Dec 2012

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The first issue in a series of six guest editors, designed to open everything up for reinterpretation. — Saskia Benjamin, excerpt, Letter from the Executive Director


tête-à-tête a conversation with Mickalene Thomas

Carmen McCleod and Mickalene Thomas discuss collaboration, identity, and  performance.

Attack of the Boogeywomen: Visualizing Black Women’s Grotesquerie in Afrofuturism

Jared Richardson explores the use of the grotesque as an Afrofuturist tool in contemporary painting.

She Put a Spell on Us: The Persisting and Mercurial Legacy of Nina Simone

Carmen Winant looks at the legacy of Nina Simone and her timeless and transgressive ability to give form, word, and music to the political, the angry, and the emotionally complex.

Artist Project Jacolby Satterwhite: Reifying Desire 5

Jacolby Satterwhite’s interdisciplinary practice moves between 2-D and time-based formats activating an alternate reality is both tied to and re-creates an existing history.

The Association for the Advancement of Cinematic Creative Maladjustment

Cauleen Smith and the Association of Creative Maladjustment of Cinema propose a new life for time-based media and the moving image.

Terra Nova/ Terra Nullius

Paul Miller builds a multi-faceted project examining our modern relationship to nature through a sonic exploration of Antarctica and global climate change.

Black Contemporary Art

A re-creation of the Tumblr blog that archives and prioritizes works by emerging artists in the diaspora, and more uncommonly viewed works by many well-known artists.

Arrested Transmission: from Periphery to Center

With a look at the work of two Caribbean artists, Leon Wainwright discusses the transnational flow of influence and understanding in the digital age.

Future Anterior:

An index to contemporary art’s imminent history

Material Girls, Dinah McClintock

Rashid Johnson, Meaghan Manuel

Jimmy Robert, Michelle Garbner

Center for Land Use Interpretation, Mary Walling Blackburn

Alvin Baltrop, Kate Green

Karina Bisch, Yelena Popova, and Mary Simpson, Eva Kenny

Justin B. Hansh, Kathryn Scanlan

Sue Tompkins, Anne Reeve

Zachary Fabri, Wayne Hodge

Querelle - photographed by Roger Fritz, David Everitt Howe

Gregory Green, Alex Jovanovivh

VideoSur II, Becky Huff Hunter

Mark Bradford + Carlos Avendano, Melissa Potter