ART PAPERS 36.04 - July/Aug 2012

ART PAPERS 36.04 - July/Aug 2012

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Can there be a coherence to the narrative of performance in an artistic mode that seems to reinvent its own conventions with every expression of itself? --Cinque Hicks, excerpt, Letter from the Editor


Editor’s Desk

Radically Unbound: in Conversation with Performa 11 Curator Mark Beasley

Seeking clarity on her own experience of the dizzying and bewildering array of performance that was Performa 11. Catherine A. Hollwingsworth speaks with curator Mark Beasley, who shares the thinking behind the vent and the intersecting through lines that gave it shape.

Artists’ Project: elipse de montes y paramos: Transmissions

Science fiction writer Ivette Vian Altarriba, artist WIlliam Cordova, artist Leslie Hewitt, and poet Julio Mitjans Cabrera meet at a crossroad in Cuba. This is the result.

Rita Ackermann and the Traumas of War

Gean Moreno

Gean Moreno rereads the chameleon-like painter as immigrant and runaway, both fleeing warfare and the psychological traumas of modernity.

Spectres: Niels Van Tomme in Conversation with Sven Augustijnen

Sven Augustinejnen explores how Europe labors under the ghosts of its colonial past and the connections to its ongoing political configurations.


Noteworthy: the editor’s pick of notable shows

Wish You Were Here: The Buggalo Avant-garde in the 1970s, Eric Baden

Art Histories, Anja Bock


Future Anterior: an index to contemporary art’s imminent history


Painters Panting, Diana McClintock

Gregor Turk, Lilly Lampe

Joan Jonas, Caroline Koebel

You Killed Me First, Harry J Weil

John Mannis, John Pyper

Rachel Kneebone, Harry J Weil

Jocahim Koester, Sarah Parrish

Disobedience: An Ongoing Archive, Artine Tanga

Ann Coddington Rast, Jane Durrell

Spectacle: The Music Video, Todd Meyer

New Ecologies of Practice, John Gayer

No Lone Zone, Stephanie Bailey

Mark Storor, Stephanie Bailey

Mathilde Roussel, Matt Christy

Fairy Tales, Monsters, and the Genetic Imagination, Matt Christy

Due to Unforeseen Events... , Berin Golonu

You, Me We, She, Becky Huff Hunter

First Among Equals, Edward Epstein

Diana Al-Hadid, Dinah Ryan

Brandon Anschultz, Jessica Baran