ART PAPERS 36.03 - May/June 2012

ART PAPERS 36.03 - May/June 2012

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The political season is decidedly upson us. No real news there...but something is different this time, and the arts have much to do with it. How will we deploy the battery of skills that we have developed as cultural producers to strategically challenge the apparatus of power? --Sylvie Fortin, excerpt, Letter from the Editor


Editor’s Desk

Cultural Producers at the Wild Heart of Occupy Wall Street

Nato Thompson

Artists have shaped the Occupy Movement in the US. Nato Thompson challenges cultural producers of grasp the potentials and responsibilities of their, vastly expanded theater of action.

Museal Ethics and the Art of Public Relations:

The Bloomberg Machine + MCNY

Marisa Jahn

Looking into three recent exhibitions at the Museum of the City of New York, Marisa Jahn ponders the museum’s relationship to Mayor Bloomberg’s agenda.

Claire Culture: Milford Thomas and the Public Work of Filmmaking

Joey Orr

Joey Orr demonstrates that Milford THomas’ unusual approach to fundraising and production is a form of public practice that truly shapes the filmmaker’s cinematic work.

Noteworthy: the editor’s pick of notable shows

Spaces, D. Eric Bookhardt

Innovate or Die, Ruth Erickson

Lawrence Abu Hamdann, Stephen Lee

Muntadas, Cathy Byrd


Future Anterior: an index to contemporary art’s imminent history


Tommy Taylor, Dorothy M. Joiner

Alejandro Aguilera, Lilly Lampe

Ray Johnson, Lucas Carpenter

Matt Mycoff, Hesse McGraw

J.J. McCraken, Danielle O’Steen

Okay Mountain, Matt Christy

Feast, Wendy Koenig

Dasha Shishkin, Todd Meyer

Christi Birchfield, Douglas Max Utter

Reverend Howard Finster, Curt Riegelnegg

Marilyn Murphy + Bob Trotman, Dorothy M. Joiner

Jeremy Deller, David Trigg

With Schott to the Pole, Sophie Arkette

Valerie Blass, Anja Bock

Thorton Dial, D. Eric Bookhardt

Ryan McNamara, Harry J Weil

Mounir Fatmi, Berin Golonu

Happenings: New York, 1958-1963, Harry J Weil

NONILLION, Alex Jovanovich

Ron Johnson + Ray Kass, Dinah Ryan

Marcel Dzama, Daniel McGrath

Chris Kline, Stephen Horne

Julia Feyrer, Amy Fung

Carrie Moyer, Sarah Parrish