ART PAPERS 36.02 - Mar/Apr 2012

ART PAPERS 36.02 - Mar/Apr 2012

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Infectious Sovereignty:

Editorializing the Exhibition with Triple Candie

Becky Huff Hunter catches up with Triple Candie to discuss their exhibition-making practice and related questions of misrepresentation, permission, and censorship.  

Between Words and Deeds:

Jill Magid

Noah Simblist talks with Jill Magid about her Austin project, premised on the media’s casting of torture, sniping, surveillance, and other military activities as “intimate.”

Free Your Mind: The Art of Inner Course

Stephanie Bailey delves into the provocative mix of intimacy and theater mobilized by Inner Course’s installation/performances

Networks and Interfaces: On Beta Tank’s Taxing Art Project

Looking at Beta Tank’s recent project, which probed German tax law, Gean Moreno demonstrates that complex networks now shape cultural production

Noteworthy: the editor’s pick of notable shows

Liselot van der Heijden

New York

Chris Kasper

Future Anterior: an index to contemporary art’s imminent history

Gyun Hur


Diana McClintock

Dean Dass

Charlottesville, VA

Deborah McLeod

Willard Tucker + Jacob Isenhour


Matt Christy

Material Witness


Alan Pocaro

Claire Ashley


Charissa N. Terranova

Liam O’Callaghan

Dublin, Ireland

John Gayer

United Enemies

Leeds, UK

Pil + Galia Kollectiv

Between Heaven & Earth


Pil + Galia Kollectiv

Sara VanDerBeek

Los Angeles

John Motley

The Music Box: A Shantytown Laboratory

New Orleans

  1. Eric Bookhardt

Sarah Sze

New York

Eric Ando

Marilyn Minter

New York

Will Corbin

Per Kirkeby

New York

Gean Moreno

John Miller

New York

Walter Benjamin Smith

Ajay Kurian

New York

Natalie Bell

The Wedding (The Walker Evans Polaroid Project)

New York

Harry J Weil

Patricia Gómez + Maria Jesús González


Edward Epstein

Jayson Musson


Edward Epstein

Telling Tales

Richmond, VA

Dinah Ryan

Jeff Williams

San Antonio

Noah Simblist

Spencer Finch

San Diego

Grant Johnson

John Stezaker

St. Louis

Daniel McGrath

Emily Wardill

St. Louis

Dinah Ryan


Stamford, CT

Laura Barlow