ART PAPERS 35.06 - Nov/Dec 2011

ART PAPERS 35.06 - Nov/Dec 2011

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Flash black: 1976. Elvis and David Bowie power through Atlanta. February 1977, a single, hand-typed flyer launches what is now ART PAPERS. Flash back: 1978. The Sex Pistols launch their North American tour in Atlanta. The multi-page Art Workers Coalition newsletter is now stapled. -- Sylvie Fortin


Editor’s Desk

Stealing from Oneself: Jose Lerma

Jose Lerma talks to JOhn McKinnon about the import of political satire, the power of  suggestion,, and the pitfalls of clarity.


The Artist’s Institute As Space for Thinking

Unruly excerpts from a series of freewheeling conversations between Anthony Elms and Anthony Huberman.

The Mexican Revolution was Funded by Bubble Gum: Carlos Sandoval de Leon

Gean Moreno

Gean Moreno reflects on the delicate balance between the autobiography and the material that Sandoval de Leon achieves in his work.

Carlos Sandoval de Leon’s Photo-Essay

Untitled, 2011

Carlos Sandoval de Leon’s special artist’s project for ART PAPERS plays on the unique private-public properties of magazines.

Noteworthy: the editor’s pick of notable shows

William Cordova, Felicia Feaster

Anthony Goicolea, Amy White

Creative TIme Summit: LIving as Form, Chris Fite-Wassilak

Future Anterior: an index to contemporary art’s imminent history

Cui Xiuwen, Diana McCLintock

Cao Fei, Kate Green

Convergence: Literary Art Exhibitions, Chris Fite-Wassilak

Tony Cruz, Micah Malone

Close Distance, Silvia BOttinelli

Emily Hanako Momohara, Jane Durrell

Tony Cragg, Charissa N. Terranova

Persona: A BOdy in Parts, Mac Halperen

Jani Ruscica, John Gayer

John Salvest, Heather Lustfeldt

Hole in the Universe, John Gayer

Mark Clare, Dorothy M. JOiner

Barbara Duval + Meredith Root, Paul Ryan

Temporary Structure, Sarah Parrish

Sam Porritt, Chris Fite-Wassilak

Field of Action, Pil + Galia Kollectiv

CHeryl Pope, Annie HOllingsworth

Kendra Wallace, ANja Bock

Distributed Collectives, Becky Hunter

Art=Text=Art, John Priestly

David Noonan, Jeffery Hughes

Amy Granat, Daniel McGrath

Eva Rothschild, Daniel McGrath