ART PAPERS 35.05 - Sept/Oct 2011

ART PAPERS 35.05 - Sept/Oct 2011

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Editor’s Desk

Alyse Emdur’s Prison Landscapes: THe Archive COnfronts a Cultural Taboo

Alyse Emdur’s project opens up an ambiguous representational field. Niels Vans asks her pointed questions.

Heteroptopia on the High Seas: Battles of Representation Around the Gaza Flotilla

Noah Simblist casts the 2011 Gaza FLotilla as a  utopian performative project at the intersection of art and activism.

Child of Technology: Jillian Mayer’s Multimedia Identity Games

Miami artist Jillian Mayer has already stormed YouTube and the Urban DIctionary Annie Hollingsworth introduces her work.

Noteworthy: the editor’s pick of notable shows

Radcliffe Bailey, Arturo LIndsay

Vesna Pavlovic, Matt Christy

Harmony Korine, Maury Gortemiller

Future Anterior: an index to contemporary art’s imminent history

Chip Simone, Diana McClintock

LOL: Decade of Antic Art, Becky HUnter

Yto Barrada, Berin Golonu

Cady Noland + Santiago Sierra, Gean Moreno

William J. O’Brien, Karsten Lund

Mairead O’hEocha, John Gayer

Nathan Green, Kate Green

Slater Bradley, Daniel McGrath

Home: Dream Home, Annie Hollingsworth

Pioneer Winter + Jared Sharon, Annie Hollingsworth

AElab, Andrew Forster

Lake, Roberson Newton, D. Eric BOokhardt

Corey Arcangel, Grant Johnson

The Chadwicks, Adam Thomson

Debo Eilers, Natalie Bell

Runa Islam, Grant Johnson

Elaine Cameron-Weir, Natalie Bell

Jeff Williams, Edward Epstein

One is the Loneliest Number, Edward Epstein

Greg Stewart, Michael Kennedy Costa

Wonder Konch + ELiza Newman-Saul, Dinah Ryan

Mimi Kato, Jessica Baran

Syntax, Megan Voeller

Inigo Manglano-Ovalle, R. Stuart Keeler