ART PAPERS 35.04 - July/Aug 2011

ART PAPERS 35.04 - July/Aug 2011

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Summer is a dichotomy, free and busy, life long artistic projects and impossible tasks.


Artist’s Project


Serene Al-Kawas

In her six page infiltration, Serene Al-Kawas enlists the properties of language and print to recast east-west relations after the Arab Spring.

Elegiac Happenings:

Andrew Kotting’s Gallivant and In the Wake of a Deadad

Joel David Robinson explores Andrew Kotting’s reconfiguration of elegy into a collective and interactive space.

Everyone alive:

Douglas Huebler’s Reason and Pleasure

John McKinnon revisits Douglas Huebler’s ambitious project, where surface, disorder, and distraction pressure both the documentary and the archive.

Future Anterior: an index to contemporary art’s imminent history

Mika Rottenberg by Chris Bors

Aaron King by Stephanie Bailey

Jill Storthz by Diana McClintock

Jill Magid Lucas Carpenter

Todd Pavilisko Christian Holland

Daniela Rivera Silvia Bottinelli

Eames Demetrios + Paolo Ventura  Amy Stockwell Mercer

Alex Martinis Roe John Gayer

Narcissus Reflected Becky Hunter

Michael Sailstorfer Eva Heisler

Suzanne Caines Adam O’Reilly

Wim Wenders  Sophie Arkette

Marie Jager Sharon Mizota

Jiha Moon Matt Christy

Neon Sigh Matt Christy

Gillian Wearing Will Corwin

Wanda Koop Petra Halkes

Fahamu Pecou Arturo Lindsay

Richard Harrod Edward Epstein

Hiro Sakaguchi Edward Epstein

Mixed Signals Jessica Baran

Ann Hamilton Dinah Ryan

Cosima Von Bonin Jessica Baran