ART PAPERS 35.02 - Mar/Apr 2011

ART PAPERS 35.02 - Mar/Apr 2011

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The current issue looks into the birth of a new state in Berlin and ventures deep into the psychic territory of reclusiveness with Alec Soth, and then follows Miami-based artist Christy Gast to meccas of masculinity. --Sylvie Fortin, excerpt, Letter from the Editor


On Density, Flow and Destabilizing the Visual : Dennis McNulty

John Gayer talks with Dennis McNulty about his use of sound to trigger spatial knowledge in installations and performances.

Blocked Escape Routes: Alec Soth’s Broken Manual and the Urge to Disappear

Karsten Lund delves into Alec Soth’s recent work to ponder the contradictory role of escape in contemporary culture.

Truly Awesome: Christy Gast’s Alter-Tourism of Uncertain Landmarks

Ruba Katrib follows Christy Gast’s incursions into masculine territory -- queering performances that yield a broad range of interpretive paths.

Birth of a State: A Distant Report on the First Congress of the NSK in Berlin

Pil + Galia Kollectiv ponder the still uncertain status of the NSK State to find that, nearly 20 years after its formation, it remains a vital proposition.

Koo Jeong A: Constellation Congress, A Reality Upgrade & End Alone, Dr. Vogt Sarah Demeuse

Six Solos Jennie Klein

Michael Scoggins Felicia Feaster

Alison Elizabeth Taylor Felicia Feaster

Eric Zimmerman Kate Green

Out of Place Kate Green

John Bankston Renny Pritikin

Chido Johnson Christian Holland

Yamini Nayar Matt Morris

Duke Riley Lisa Kurzner

Guillermo Faivovich + Nicolas Goldberg Aileen Burns + Johan Lundh

Sarah Oppenheimer Noah Simblist

Undone Becky Hunter

Susan Hiller David Trigg

Can Altay Chris Fite - Wassilak

Isaac Julien Annie Hollingsworth

Nelson Henricks Anja Bock

Simryn Gill Annie Hollingsworth

Wangechi Mutu Lara K. Herndon

Sally Mann John Priestley

Siemon Allen Paul Ryan

Darkroom Dynah Ryan

Julie Nord Ilona Niemi

Look Again George Scheer