ART PAPERS 31.05 - Sept/Oct 2007

ART PAPERS 31.05 - Sept/Oct 2007

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At the time, this issue was ART PAPERS' "biggest issue yet," marking the addition of eight pages.

This issue is centered around two detailed discussions. First, artist-activist Cornelia Sollfrank's converses with Michel Chevalier about his Hamburg-based shop of "multiples" — identical art objects produced by a single artist — and his goal of selling art at accessible prices, to enable low-income individuals to own and engage with fine art, and to limit the power that wealthy collectors exert over the art market. Art critic Dominic van der Boogerd interviews artist Aernout Mik about Mik's video piece Training Ground (2006), which was shown at the 2007 Venice Biennale. The two discuss anti-terrorist training in the Netherlands, the phenomenon of apocalyptic anticipation in the Western imagination, and the refugee crisis in Europe, which remains urgent and unresolved to this very day.

Noteworthy show coverage includes Sylvie Fortin's review of La Biennale de Montréal 2007, which featured work by such artists as Dana Claxton, Geoffrey Farmer, and Scoli Acosta; Diana McClintock's exploration of Atlanta's Emerging Artists 2007; and Charissa Terranova's review of a readymade-focused exhibition of contemporary art at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France, organized in homage to Marcel Duchamp. 

Non-linear, even erratic reading habits are encouraged for this particular issue, given its depth, breadth, and unpredictability.