ART PAPERS 03.06 - Nov/Dec 1979 - SOLD OUT

ART PAPERS 03.06 - Nov/Dec 1979 - SOLD OUT

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Ken Friedman interviews art critic, editor, and poet Peter Frank who sums up his notion of what a critic should be in one word: "understanding." He goes on:

"A critic should function as a means to the public's understanding of an artist's output, and as well, to an artist's understanding of how he or she is received by a public; that is, how someone else not as involved with the work on an emotional, subjective level as the artist him/herself, responds to the work." 

The interview follows with a poem by Frank aptly titled "Poem." 

Another writer, Catherine Howett, attempts to understand sculptor George Trakas' work at Emory as an artist-in-residence (he was commissioned to create an "enivronmental sculpture" in their wooded suburban campus). Susanne Fincher unpacks art therapy. Amid general news, letters, and reviews, a review of a painting by Elaine Falone titled "Geometrically Expectant," leaps from the page. It portrays a pregnant, reclining woman with one hand on her crotch and the other on her protruding belly. 

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