ART PAPERS 02.03 - May/June 1978 - SOLD OUT

ART PAPERS 02.03 - May/June 1978 - SOLD OUT

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Interviewer becomes interviewee when Julia A. Fenton and Dan Talley interview three Atlanta art editors: Sherry Baker (the Gazette), Clyde Burnett (Atlanta Journal), and Karen Wantuck (Creative Loafing).

In reply to a question about the difference between "criticism" and "reviewing," Baker says "I don't call myself an art reviewer or an art critic, but rather I think of myself as a writer who writes about art." Burnett has a similar response—put simply, he aims to write in an area where he has some expertise. 

All three editors also consider themselves artists, and though it may seem the positions pose conflict of interest, one can inform the other. At the very least, making art and writing about art allows the artist to think critically, delve into the practice of writing, learn from a wide variety of local exhibitions, and help promote other artists. Similarly, in an essay titled "Artists as Administrators" by Barbara Schreiber, there is a discussion regarding where administrator ends and artist begins. Painter/sculptor John Riddle says that both livelihoods place importance on learning "the rules" if one hopes to benefit financially. Michael Reagan, Director of the Forrest Avenue Consortium ("a group of arts organizations and artists who [had] rented an abandoned school building, with some city support") claims that if he had more time to work on his art, he'd take it. 

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