ART PAPERS 02.02 - Mar/Apr 1978 - SOLD OUT

ART PAPERS 02.02 - Mar/Apr 1978 - SOLD OUT

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Atlanta, GA, 1978: ART PAPERS was the Atlanta Art Workers Coalition Newspaper, addressing various concerns painting the art world landscape and the bureaucracy beyond. What are artists' rights in a festival setting? What is an artist's place in a social stratum that equates art with advertising, product as profit for anyone but the artist? 

The issue checks in with the Atlanta Art Workers Coalition (formed in 1976 "to promote, protect, and aid the visual artists of Atlanta through programs focused on the need of individual artists and art groups"). At the time, the coalition was nominating candidates for a new board of directors and corporate officers. They were discussing the Arts Festival in 1978 and organizer's attempts to make the event more representative of the works of professional area artists. They printed an informative gallery survey, call for artists, opportunities, and other events. 

This issue was entirely in a Courier font, as if to draw the reader's attention to the severity of statistics, the serious nature of coalition demands, and the poignant discussion of political and financial issues facing the arts in Atlanta. 

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