ART PAPERS 19.01 - Jan/Feb 1995 - SOLD OUT

ART PAPERS 19.01 - Jan/Feb 1995 - SOLD OUT

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This issue contains the views of a number of individuals on the finalists of phase two of Art Papers' Antemillenium Dollhouse architectural competition in 1994. Participants designed a dollhouse encapsulating children's needs for both housing and imagination. The projects selected in the first year's competition were published in the Sep/Oct 1994 issue, and the winning architects were invited to participate in the second phase of the competition, that has now come to a conclusion.

In first place: Dara Schaefer from New York; in second place: Jeanine Centouri of Ohio; and in third place: Lisa Tilder from Ohio. 

Furthermore there are interviews with Karen Finley, Conrad Atkinson, Kim Levin, Homer Jackson and Chris Newby. Reviews include W. Medford Johnston at Sandler Hudson Gallery, Greg Eltringham and Dean J. Roman: A Dimly Lit Show at Silver House Gallery, Henry Chodkowski at Belknop Gallery and Luc Courchesne at the Museum of Modern Art, among others.


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