ART PAPERS 17.05 - Sept/Oct 1993 - SOLD OUT

ART PAPERS 17.05 - Sept/Oct 1993 - SOLD OUT

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In this issue the results of the first round of the Art Papers 1993 Architecture Competition: The Antemillennium Dollhouse

Also, a discussion about Native American art that was part of the Art in Context series at the Atlanta College of Art and the rise of free time and leisure activities in the 1920's gave way to the development of (miniature) golf, which is discussed by Nina Garfinkel in her article "Miniature golf & 'Putt-modernism". 

Reviews include James Herring at Habatat Galleries, Elizabeth Turk: Boundedness, Secredness and Centrality: a view from the garden at Nexus Contemporary Art Center, Scott Duce at Bennett Galleries, and Marc Solomon Dennis at Martin-Rathburn Gallery.

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