ART PAPERS 16.04 - July/Aug 1992 - SOLD OUT

ART PAPERS 16.04 - July/Aug 1992 - SOLD OUT

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This issue is themed 'Boundary Crossings' and is guest-edited by Cindy Patton. 

The issue was originally envisioned as an opportunity for a variety of critics and artists to reflect on the emergent mappings in the 1990s. The contributors remain faithful to the metaphors of borders and crossings, but raise issues beyond the obvious geographical connotations of those terms. The issue includes Frontier City Berlin by Erica Carter, Making it Perfectly Queer by Lisa Duggan, Colonial-English by M. Kasper, and Cristobal Colon at the Border of History and the Novel by Benigno Sanchez-Eppler, among others.

On one of the artist's pages, Brad Hudson uses visuals with alliterative titles to suggest the coherence in the epidemiologic construction of the origin of AIDS. Mark, Map, Monkey (Me? Man? Monogamy?) links the geopolitical range of the AIDS narrative with the very personal possibility of its localization in one's own body.

Of course this issue also includes many reviews, among them: Mary Bruns at North Georgia College, Mostly Big: Abstract Painting in New Orleans at the Contemporary Arts Center, The Visual Arts in Medicine at the Diggs Gallery and Mieke Bal, Reading 'Rembrandt': Beyond the Word-Image Opposition from Cambridge University Press, 1991.

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