ART PAPERS 16.03 - May/June 1992 - SOLD OUT

ART PAPERS 16.03 - May/June 1992 - SOLD OUT

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Many photoartists are actively working in the genre of self-portrait who expand historical meaning by turning to the camera, as well as to the family photo album, to create a testament about themselves. Deborah Willis decided to develop her essay with artists who made a strong visual and written statement about the issue that concerned them most- the past.

Furthermore an interview with Mary Ellen Mark and one with Barbara Ess and a Commentary by D. Eric Bookhardt - Greenberg/Pollock/Kerouac: Esthetics Versus Ethos.

Reviews include Alexandra Kleinbard at 621 Gallery Tallahassee, John Cleaveland at Novus Atlanta, Urban Bush Woman at Brooklyn Academy of Music, Mary Lucier: Mass at City Gallery of Contemporary Art Raleigh and John Ahearn & Rigoberto Torres: South Bronx Hall of Fame at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, among others.

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