ART PAPERS 11.06 - Nov/Dec 1987 - SOLD OUT

ART PAPERS 11.06 - Nov/Dec 1987 - SOLD OUT

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This issue's "art and nature" theme is a direct result of Alan Sondheim's observation that the South was still, despite decades of New South boosterism, a largely rural region dotted with widely scattered service-industry cities, and that this fact had an immense impact not only on the marketing of art, but on the style and psyche of the artist. It was Alan's wish to tie this observation into his larger observations regarding the genuine present of perils of environmental forgetfulness on the part of city dwellers and he did that in his essay 'No Theory'. 

Judith McWillie is interviewed and talks about her interpretation of the social world of black self-taught artists, as opposed to Tom Patterson, who deals with the very different social world of a specific 'outsider artist' James Harold Jennings. Three other essays illustrate different aspects of the larger theme of the uses of nature in contemporary art. 

In addition, several exhibition reviews (Hasek, Frazer, de la Rosa, Landscape: 8 Perspectives, Sculpture show, Young, St. EOM) relate directly to questions raised in the features section.

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