ART PAPERS 11.05 - Sept/Oct 1987

ART PAPERS 11.05 - Sept/Oct 1987

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The original idea of this issue was to produce an issue by women that was "not a women's issue"; to invite women to write about art and their experiences in art without placing it in a specific - feminist - context. In the end, several contributors did know that the intent was as such.

Features include The Changing Face of Feminism and the Arts by Arlene Raven, NMWA: No Mecca for Women Artists by Martha McWilliams, The Feminine as Fantastic in the Art of Susan Zukowsky by Cris Hassold and an interview with Barbara Kruger by Pat Courtney, among others. 

Reviews include Documenta 8, Second Festival of Hispanic Theatre, Deeje Mitchell and Women in the '80, to name but a few. 

Still, this project is open-ended: we hope that women in the arts will continue to use ART PAPERS as a forum for their concerns and their opinions and as both a venue and a resource for their work.