ART PAPERS 11.02 - Mar/Apr 1987 - SOLD OUT

ART PAPERS 11.02 - Mar/Apr 1987 - SOLD OUT

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Spring has sprung in 1987, with articles like "Sex at Nexus! Whatever Happened to Those Baby Rabbits! The Last Curator's Body Floating in Lake Lanier!" Contributor Alan Sondheim writes that titles such as these might achieve an audience robust enough to keep X,Y, Z arts organization afloat (Nexus, to be more specific). And then there's the board. And the budget. 

How exactly can one examine the non-profit as good or bad, or as one writer does, "saint or sinner" amid the tribulations of keeping the train running on time? The editor's note names the special section "The Nature of the Nonprofit Beast" as a reminder: think before you criticize the criticism. Even if the arts nonprofit is run with artists at the helm, empathy has yet to tame a beast. 

In the spring of 1987, ART PAPERS awoke to a flurry of loose leaf with numbers, projections, and bills. We examined "The State of Criticism in a Pre-critical State" and did backflips over the bureaucracy. We examined ourselves as a cultural amoeba, one that holds standards like shutters, pays the contributors, and once in a while, lets a breeze pass through. 

Interviews included prominent Atlanta artist Jacob Lawrence as well as Vito Hannibal Acconci, who was on his way from a grotto-like hallway in Manhattan to an "art park" in Miami. Lawrence, alongside Ed Dwight, Nanette Carter, Ulysses Marshall, Beverly Buchanan, Michael Harris, and Michael Ellison were reviewed at the McIntosh Gallery. "Reflections on ROOTS and Racism," commentary by John O'Neal, re-examined the racist presumptions that still dominated Alternate ROOTS (Regional Organization of Theaters South).

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