ART PAPERS 10.05 - Sept/Oct 1986 - SOLD OUT

ART PAPERS 10.05 - Sept/Oct 1986 - SOLD OUT

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This issue was planned long before the terms 'new abstraction' or 'new modernism'  or 'neomodernism', perhaps more accurate descriptions of this phenomenon, were in common usage. In retrospect, resurgence may be an obsolete, or at best, inaccurate description of this turn of events. 

Paul Krainak argues that contemporary artists can communicate via the forms of abstraction developed by artistic modernism without resorting tot the ironic nihilism of the New York School of neomodernists. 

Stephen Westfall's essay suggests that modernism, in its larger cultural definition, poses questions which remain fundamental for our society.

Glenn Harper argues that the neomodernists in New York now defining themselves as a group represent the end result of modernist reductionism, and end which the mystical/revelatory aims of early modernism redisplayed by irony and nostalgia.

Claire Downey and Catherine French, in an essay and series of photographs, examine the ways in which the modernist promise of new ways of city dwelling has not been fulfilled in contemporary American cities, in this case, Atlanta. 

Reviews include The Second Atlanta Photo Salon, Ronald Jones: A Tribute to the Future, Gregory Horndeski, Robert Clements and Jean Gallagher: Scarcity.

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