ART PAPERS 36.05 - Sept/Oct 2012

ART PAPERS 36.05 - Sept/Oct 2012

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Quick: When I say “democracy,” what comes to mind? YOu might imagine levers being pulled at polling booths, or the ink-stained fingertip of an Iraqi woman, or perhaps an ossified tableau of old men in powdered wigs and knee breeches.But what about contemporary art?--Cinque Hicks, excerpt, Letter from the Editor


Ann Liv Young: Fabulosity in Analysis

Natalie Bell explores the extreme performance work of Ann Liv Young whose escapades variously involved a Cinderella costume, a Mariah Carey cover, and choreographed defecation.

Hosted in Athens: A Social (re)Generation

A city-wide convocation of art collections ponders the nature of collectivity in one of the cradles of democracy. Stephanie Bailey explores the city.

A Few Invisible Sculptures: The Perception of Immateriality Andrea Galvani

Niels Van Tomme talks with Andrea Galvani about what is means to make unseen things seen.

Artist’s Project Luca Buvoli: ISS Log - Day 32

A new work imagines space travel as an artistic exercise. Based in New York, Luca Buvoli makes animated films and videos, installations, sculptures, paintings, and drawings. His work has been show at MoMA, Venice Biennale, the Guggenheim Museum, and will be featured at Gallery Hyundai in Seoul in September 2012.

HomeShop: Research-Based Practice and the Spirit of the Hutong

An alternative space for art in Beijing combines research and an expanded definition of community action.

Artist’s Project Nat Slaughter: Art & Money

Investigating complex relationships in two complex realms. Nat Slaughter is founder of the Atlanta-based design studio SLAUGHTER, which currently focuses on information visualization.


Noteworthy: the editor’s pick of notable shows

Danya Ahmed, Alexandria Pierce

Nowhereisland, Joel Robinson


Future Anterior:

An index to contemporary art’s imminent history


Craig Dongoski, Diana McClintock

7th Berlin Biennale, Rosemary Heather

Everything is Index, Nothing is History, Alex Jovanovich

Omer Fast, Jennie Klein

Dmitry Gutov, Alan Pocaro

Andrew Kotting and Iain Sinclair, David Gleeson

Sarah Pierce, Pil + Galia Kollectiv

Cynthia Girard, Kevin Rodgers

Abbas Akhaven, Anja Bock

Edward Burtynsky, Matt Christy

Christopher Wool, Lucas Carpenter

Tropicomania, Ruth Erickson

Brain Kokoska and Jonathan VanDyke, Edward Epstein

Scott Kip, Becky Huff Hunter

Potential Images, Paul Ryan

Hedieh Javanshir, Danielle O’Steen