ART PAPERS 43.04 - Spring 2020

ART PAPERS 43.04 - Spring 2020

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ART PAPERS Spring 2020 looks to artistic practices that participate in contemporary civil rights discourse—one that is historical and intersectional—through artmaking and exhibition-making that celebrates Black and African American resistance and resilience. Features, interviews, reviews, and a special artist spotlight dossier emphasize artmaking in the wake of—and in response to—what has been called (particularly in regard to post-Trayvon Martin, post-Trumpist contexts) a "new civil rights era."  


Art of the New Civil Rights Era

Editor’s Letter
Sarah Higgins

New Civil Rights Moment: A Recap
Lauren Tate Baeza

The Moment is Not Sufficient
Re’al Christian

How to Pave a Street For Queens
Mia Harrison with Randy Ford 

Dread Scott: Beyond History
Sarah Juliet Lauro

The Opposite of a Hoax
Courtney McClellan with Kevin Young

Toward a Monumental Black Body
TK Smith

Artist Dossier
Allison Glenn on Didier William
Hallie Ringle on Celestia Morgan
Jessica Bell Brown on Chase Hall
Tyra A. Seals on Shaina McCoy
Stephanie E. Goodalle on Crystal Z Campbell
Nzinga Simmons on Tariku Shiferaw


This Has Happened
Lauren Moya Ford

Striking Power
Nicholas Gamso 

صرخة شمسية Solar Cry
Theadora Walsh 


Christopher Joseph Lee