ART PAPERS 43.03 - Winter 2019/2020

ART PAPERS 43.03 - Winter 2019/2020

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This issue of ART PAPERS, with the theme of Global(isms) speaks to—and through—artists who work cross-culturally, without countries, within and against the constructs of nationalism, isolationism, globalism, and other isms. Within the placelessness of contemporary art, how does the meaning of an artwork fare as it crosses borders, becomes translated, displaced: a migrant object? What is lost, and can that loss carry a meaning of its own? Voices in this issue speak to migration, diaspora, and hybridity, as well as the potential for and limitations of art as translator of cultural meaning. In these negotiations artists can mine the resources of cultural symbolism—visual cues, myths, and histories—for their productive potential and signification, while also turning them to expose their flaws, gaps, and how they are often articulated through histories of colonization, erasure, and violence.

Winter 2019/2020 // Global(isms)

Letter from the Editor
Sarah Higgins

National Insufficiencies
Humberto Moro

Where No Walls Remain
Anna Gallagher-Ross with Tania El Khoury

Know What I Mean?
Cora Fisher with Jesse Chun

Historians of Exile
Madeleine Seidel

Missed Connections
Mahfuz Sultan with Myriam Ben Salah


Great Force
Josh Epperson

16th Istanbul Biennial—The Seventh Continent
Teresa Retzer

Tigers Are Not Afraid (Vuelven)
EC Flamming

About To Happen
Lindsay Costello 

Rock My Soul
Emmanuel Balogun

Contributors A–Z

In memorium: Eric Bookhardt
Jerry Cullum