ART PAPERS 40.03 - May/June 2016

ART PAPERS 40.03 - May/June 2016

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Humans relate to water as beneficiaries of it and as threats to itm but not as its masters; countless maxims and cliches attest to the element's perceived purity and inherent contradictions. Running through this issue of ART PAPERS, however, is not a discussion of water’s endangerment (drought, lead poisoning), or its dangerous new distribution (storms, flash floods), but of the force it exerts on culture, geopolitics, and global economies.  


Seeds InService: Works on Paper
Joey Orr and Sally Eaves Hughes
A Chicago garden grows feminism, social practice—and a papermaking institute

Cast Iron
Michi Meko
An artist almost drowns, then reflects on Black Buoyancy, Hemingway, and Mami Wata

Atlantis, GA:
The Home Depot, the Georgia Aquarium,
and the Corporate Sublime
Carson Chan
At the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere, the alien world of the ocean has corporate sponsors

Men and Women in Water Cities
Kim Anno
Dante's Purgatorio is the musical backdrop for an artist's exploration of how humans relate to water, and to each other

Two Sides of the Same Sea
Stephanie Bailey
At the 2015-2017 Athens Biennale, Greece at last joins the Middle East in the global south, crises and all

The School of Athens
Despina Zefkili
A call for a departure from the trope of the Greek capital as "southern experiment" in creative sustainability

The Bridge
Vangelis Vlahos
Recreating a ferry service between Greece and Syria

Ala Younis
In 1970s Athens, a Palestinian family vacation, and an Arab film and TV production boom

Interview: Chrysanthi Koumianaki
Iliana Fokianaki
An artist's existentialist account of Greek economics, via Paris May 1968

Bruce Lampros
In 2015, half of South Carolina was under water; at a Columbia, SC-based festival in 2016, people finally talked about it

Glossary: Lemonade
Jasmine Amussen
Drink what moves you.


Rachel Rose: Everything and More
David Humphrey

Mario García Torres: Let's Walk Together
Sarah Demeuse

Artist and Empire
Timothy P.A. Cooper

Glasgow International
Fanny Singer

Terrence Malick: Knight of Cups
Bruce Lampros

Tameka Norris: Not Acquiescing
Matt Shelton

Bruno DiCorcia

Jonathan Griffin, On Fire
Katie Geha

Kirstin Mitchell: Tropic of Gemini
Meredith Kooi

Altered Land Works by Damian Stamer and Greg Lindquist
Elizabeth L. Delaney