ART PAPERS 41.04 - Winter 2017

ART PAPERS 41.04 - Winter 2017

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DESCRIPTION:  Walking, as it is broadly and not always literally proposed in this issue, is generative of ideas: practical ones, involving cities, as well as philosophical and existential ones that implicate a vision for the future.  To “walk,” here synonymous with any movement toward or contemplation of what is somehow ahead, is to have destination, the attainment of which requires desire, trust, and drive, and promises to enrich things.


Letter from the Editor

Doris Adelaide Derby
Erin Jane Nelson
“Not all aspects of our lives are about the injustice.” Atlanta photographer, activist, organizer, and educator on SNCC in 1960s Mississippi, Roy DeCarava, and the importance of multidimensional representation.

Allora & Calzadilla’s Puerto Rican Light
Lilly Lampe + Alex Robbins
If the cave is the origin of the artwork, and the readymade is the end of it, what happens when the two combine?  
(Or, an artist duo, a critic, a philosopher, and a Dan Flavin artwork walk into a cave …)

Everything Is Connected  
Iwan Baan on Portman’s America
Victoria Camblin
Buildings are for people; architectural photography is portraiture; walking is a way of seeing; and John C. Portman is your architect.

The Patty Chang Landscape
Marcus Civin
“Mao Tse-tung once said that the south had a lot of water and it would be okay if the north borrowed a little.” An artist tracks wandering lakes through piss and tears, from Central Asia to Queens.

with Tschabalala Self, Jonathan Lyndon Chase, and Aurel Haize Odogbo
Abdu Ali
“If the black woman’s body were a physical place, I would see it as Eden.” Artists talk performance and portraiture, visibility and liberty. Also, beauty.

Wong Ping: Beyond the Pleasure Principle
Stephanie Bailey
Urban life can be alienating; it limits our mobility and entraps us in fantasy. In Hong Kong, an artist’s erotic animations offer brief release.

Artist Project
The Practice of Making Circuits
Brian Sherman
To “know” a city, walk it.

Eddie’s Stone Song: Odyssey of the First Pasaquoyan
Essay: Daniel Fuller
Libretto: Carey Scott Wilkerson
In Columbus, GA, a visionary artist’s life is set to verse and music, performed with his life’s work as the stage.

Don’t Walk
Hannah Palmer
A woman walks alone at night. What does she carry in her hands? In her thoughts?

Life on the Line:
Beverly Buchanan
Andy Campbell
At the Brooklyn Museum, then at Spelman College in Atlanta, an exhibition reveals a practice about memory, place, and endurance, honed across manifold divides.  

Edward A. Hall
Luxuriant carlessness vs. walking to work in Atlanta.  

Artist Project
Desire Paths
Keith Wilson
Did you know: the unplanned trail in your office park is a beautiful monument to collective will and individual agency.

a good neighbor: 15th Istanbul Biennial
Reema Salha Fadda
Caia Hagel  
Christoph Chwatal
Prospect.4: The Lotus in Spite of the Swamp
Eric Bookhardt
Carolyn Castaño: A Female Topography, 2001–2017
Wendy Koenig
Sabine Gruffat: A Kiss of the Earth
Elizabeth L. Delaney
HG Masters
Nancy Ann Coyne: Speaking of Home
Michael Fallon
Danez Smith: Don’t Call Us Dead
EC Flamming
Al Taylor: What Are You Looking At?
Rebecca Dimling Cochran
Architecture Is All Over
Robert Wiesenberger